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Spiritual perspective

July 18, 2013

I was just thinking about anxiety and panic attacks, paranoia and whatever else the mental health professionals have come up with in these past 200 years or so. Did you know that such words or terms did not exist before a few hundred years or so before our time? Nope, not really…

Back in the old days, before what ‘modern psychiatry’ or ‘modern philosophy’ terms were popular, people had a more ‘spiritual perspective’ on the human condition. People talked in a more philosophical or religious way of diagnosing human issues. In fact that is where psychiatric schools or thought originated from… From people and a world of concerns about evil spirits and the likes. Families, communities, villages, counties, provinces, and entire countries consulted shamanic priests about evil spells of all sorts.

So, no wonder we feel frightened as people, or even as a society. If we think about it more closely, and if we are to believe the Bible, we as humans are not ‘O.K. people’. Humanity is not composed of very nice people at all.

If one leans upon the Bible to understand ourselves better, we would be the descendants of people whom, not even God found as ‘O.K. persons’. That would make us, the descendants of the Garden of Eden rejects. The Garden of Eden rejects went on to reproduced themselves.

Adam and Eve gave birth to a another Godly reject – Cain. Cain murdered his only brother, just because he wanted wanted to be found to be as an ‘O.K. person’ before the Lord and his father. And because Cain did murder his brother Abel, both Adam and God did not want him around anymore. I know, I know, this is way too simply put; but things were back then what they were.

Of course, humanity went on to do all sorts of bad and scary things. Not only were there murders and social rejection, there were rapes, invasions, and slaughters. Males and females of all races, religions and languages were treated like shit; and their babies got slaughtered.

What I’m getting at is, humans are not nice to people. Even the Biblical God repented from having created them. No wonder then, when still today, those who are victimized by the torments by others, become depressed, panicked, scared, and paranoid! No wonder some want to get away and just not partake in human goings on…

No matter what fancy names we give human reactions to the shit that goes on in our lives, we are who we are; now aren’t we? We are just human beings who are trying to make the best with what soulless people throw at us. Just sit there in any mall, look into peoples eyes while they walk by, and tell me if you see people with souls…

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